Free House Sitting Agreements, Checklists and Forms

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Homeowners, download these forms to supply your house sitter with so you know all bases are covered for your own peace of mind.

House Sitter Information Pack

House sitter informationBefore the homeowner goes, there are many things they can do to help the house sitter settle in and do their job of looking after your home to the best of their abilities. This 8 page guide prompts the homeowner to set the standard of what is required to take the best possible care of their home. Such as:

  • Garden and lawn maintenance
  • Pool care
  • Garbage collection
  • Location of water, gas and electricity mains
  • Local emergency contact information

This guide is a must have for all house sitters, as it covers all aspects of living in someone else’s home, such as:

  • How to work the entertainment system
  • Heating and air conditioning information
  • Appliance indiosyncracies
  • And more

Sample House Sitting Agreement

Sample house sitting contractThis sample house sitting agreement can be edited to suit both parties, but covers matters of greatest importance to both homeowner and housesitter. This sample document can be used as is, or can be the basis of a draft to go over with your solicitor.

Categories include:

  • Access to the premises
  • Care of the premises
  • Payment for utilities
  • Maintenance and repairs
  • Repairmen and emergency contact details
  • Notice of termination of the agreement
  • And more

Security Deposit Forms

House sitter bond formSome homeowners may require the security of a deposit from the house sitter to cover accidental damage in their absence. It is reasonable to ask for the equivalent of two weeks rent but not more than a month.

If the homeowner does require a bond from their house sitter, sufficient notice should be given, within the first couple of times contact is made.

This form includes:

  • House sitter security deposit/bond form
  • House sitter bond lodgement with a third party
  • House sitter libility claims form

Expense Form

Pet expense claim formShould issues arise during the occupancy of the house sitter and emergency supplies need to be purchased or services paid for, record and total all claims on this expense claim form.

All receipts should be retained along with the record on this document.

Expenses that may arise include:

  • Emergency pet care
  • Pet food
  • Call out fees for tradesmen in case of emergency
  • Payment of utilities not covered in the agreement
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