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House sittersHello! We are Lesley Huntley and Todd Williams.

On our 2 year housesitting tour of Australia and Canada in 2008 – 2010, we house sat our way from Brisbane to Perth, then to Canada and back to Brisbane. Out of everywhere we lived, we absolutely loved house sitting in Brisbane.

We are currently at home in New Zealand as we found ourselves unexpectedly pregnant. Our house-sitting expedition came to an abrubt halt, just as we were about to look after a million dollar home on a canal on the Gold Coast for two months!

Lesley has just started a Pet Sitting and Dog Walking service in Christchurch after nearly six years as a website designer, you can see her new pet minding website here. Even though we are no longer house sitting permanently, we had a few years of experience, so we left this website up to help other house sitters plan their journeys.

We most certainly feel that house sitting provides the perfect solution for all parties, especially pets, plants, gardens and relatives!

Lesley Huntley: I am 41, a website designer and have a love of all things design. I also have a love of auction-selling, waterskiing, off-road mountain-biking and travel.

I started my career as a Chef but now I am a Graphic Designer and Web Marketer. I do this from home so your pets will enjoy constant love and company. I am a keen photographer and would love the opportunity to photograph more of this world that we live in.

Another thing I have always wanted to try is travel writing and hope house sitting may provide me the opportunity to partner this with my photography.

Todd Williams: Todd is 33 years old.

Todd has a diploma in sports management. He plays cricket, indoor cricket, golf, soccer, indoor soccer and rugby. He loves fishing, watching league and cricket and all things sports!

About Us: We have been together for over 11 years and are still engaged, we plan on getting married but life (and now children) keeps getting in the way!

We rise and go to bed early and love to make the most out of the day. We rarely go out at night as we enjoy the simple things in life. We would rather stay in with a good book, or the sports channels on Sky for Todd! We love fishing, mountain biking, picnicking, exploring the outdoors together.

Benefits of Having Professional House Sitters

Relax and enjoy the benefits of having a full time house sitter keeping your home running as smooth as silk and make sure all that you care about is safe, secure and well looked after.

Your home is secure: Your home will always look lived in, with changing lighting and the glow of a television on in the evenings just as if you were there. This dramatically lowers the chances of any undesireables thinking it would be a good idea to come in and have a look around.

Burglars can pick an empty house a mile off when they see that the shades are not drawn in the daytime followed by the same dark shuttered windows that evening. Consistent maintenaince will be noticed as well as a home that is taken care of is just that, taken care of.

No need to rent: Forget about packing your home up and moving everything out and dealing with any disruption this may cause.

You can completely relax in the knowledge that there will always be someone there to take care of anything at all that may arise. If a window shade suddenly comes loose exposing the TV & video, you can be sure that it will be repaired promptly.

Hundreds of dollars in savings: If you do a search for ‘pet sitter fees’ you will get some idea of home much it will cost you to have someone visit your pet for an average of 20 mins per day or walk your dog for 1/2 hour. There simply isn’t a pet sitting service you can pay for that provides the kind of attention, grooming, exercise and love that we will in return for the opportunity to experience more of this wonderful world we live in.

No need to burden potentially unreliable family or neighbours to love your pets, take care of your gardens, mow lawns, bring in mail, take messages, keep your house clean and tidy, clean the pool and put mints on your pillow for your return.

No need to worry that they may forget one morning to feed your pets or leave blinds shut during the day (or any other telltale sign that you are not there).

Your pets will be in caring, loving hands just as if you were there, no need for expensive and foreign boarding. Their diet, routine, sights and sounds will be the same and they will not be exposed to the any nasties other pets may be carrying.

Any pet waste or litter box issues are attended to as well as brushing, combing, arranging of medical treatment or medications, exercising, fresh food and water. I have been a volunteer at the Cat’s Protection League as well as our local wildlife park and have felt a strong connection with animals since I was very small. This means your furry family members are in the best possible hands that you could hope for.

While you will never be far from their minds, they will be provided with all that they are used to (plus extra cuddles to ensure they don’t miss you too much).

Animals are one of my favourite photography subjects too so you can be sure to come home to a fair few photos! These can also be emailed to you with our evening mail so you don’t miss them too much and you can see their daily goings on.

What We Bring to Each House and Pet Sitting Assignment

We provide little differences that other house and pet sitters may not, like:

A sincere love of all animals: Todd and I are going to miss Eleanor dearly and so we really would appreciate the opportunity to lavish all the love that we have for her onto your pets. We have a great sense of the phrase ‘a house is not a home without a pet’ and actually prefer sits with pets (although this is not essential).

I have been a volunteer at our wildlife park here in Christchurch called Orana Park and also with the Cat’s Protection League.

We consider pets part of the family an also adore the avian and canine variety (I have been a dog owner, a boxer cross), regular walks would also allow us to visit the area. They will have all the petting, talking to and company that they are accustomed to from you.

We know they will miss you, but we like to think they will be sorry to see us go!

A house sitting contract: We will alter this to our individual agreement until we are both happy with the result. That way everything we agree on is black and white and is easily referred back to. This serves to protect all involved.

A plethora of references from happy homeowners: Take your pick from any of the home owners of our bookings page and we will let you know their contact details. They have all been wonderful people that we know we will drop in and visit should we ever find ourselves in that neck of the woods again.

Our own food: The way we usually work it is that we will use up anything of yours that you leave and then replace it with fresh stocks on your return. We are happy to come to any arrangement you see fit regarding any perishables.

Our own toiletries: No need to leave any bathroom supplies.

Emails, texts or any other preferred contact: We will email you regular updates on what is happening at home. Even if it is just to say, “all clear on the western front!”

A mail forwarding service: We will contact you to see if there is anything you would like us to read to you urgently or we can fax, email or forward anything else on.

Why We Feel That House Sitting and Pet Sitting is The Best Option For All Involved

We have both lived in New Zealand all our lives, except for my two years in London. We like the idea of being able to travel for an extended period but still enjoy all the comforts of home.

We are very much homebodies and the thought of a noisy, alcohol fueled, smoke-filled hostel or unhomely, sterile hotel doesn’t appeal to us whatsoever.

What appeals the most about house sitting is that we get the comforts of home, also the opportunity to lavish all of the love that we would normally give to our beautiful silver tabby (Eleanor, who we have to leave with our parents for this duration) on your furry family members!

I am a keen gardener, I find it very relaxing so would be more than happy to take care of your garden and would be glad of the opportunity to pursue this hobby. I treat my indoor plants like pets and I will miss them too so having yours to take care of would ease my plantsickness!

We like the idea that we are able to open our hearts to another way of life in a different neighbourhood or part of the world. This is combined with the satisfying feeling that we are providing valuable peace of mind to you and your family while you are away.

We are currently looking forward to the opportunity to take up professional house sitting again in the future.

Check back in a few years time for an update!

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